Soffit Vents

Soffit Screen Vents

Soffit Vents used under the eave to provide ventilation to attic area preventing mold and heat build up. These custom made soffit screen vents are made with the highest of standards using .020 roll formed aluminum and fiberglass screen mesh or aluminum screen mesh.

Colors: Mill, White, Bronze   Screen Mesh: Fiberglass, Aluminum, Solar Screen


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Custom Soffit Vent (CLICK HERE TO BUILD)

CUSTOM SOFFIT VENT Measurements are from Outside to Outside of Aluminum Frame  Made ..
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Soffit Vent 4"X16"

Aluminum Soffit Vent 4" x 16"  .020 Aluminum Screen Frame Colors: Mill Finish, White..

Soffit Vent 6"X16"

Soffit Vent 6" x 16"  Soffit vent dimensions: (outside) width 6"  length 16"  ..

Soffit Vent 7"X16"

Soffit Vent 7" x 16" Soffit Vent Dimensions (outside) width 7"  length  16"  t..

Soffit Vent 4"x24"

Soffit Vent 4" X 24" Dimensions (outside): width 4"  length 24" thickness 5/16" Alum..
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Soffit Vent 6"x24"

Soffit Vent 6" x 24"  Dimensions (Outside): width 6"  length 24"  thickness 5/..

Soffit Vent 7"x24"

Soffit Vent 7" x 24" Soffit vent dimensions (outside)  width  7"  length 24" &..
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